The people around you go to work or school every day, earn money, have fun in the evening, go to the movies, play board games on Saturdays….. They seem to be happy to live like this. But you need something more exciting, don’t you? You need something that makes you feel deep and incredibly alive. You need an extreme sport!

Don’t be afraid of the word “extreme”. Most of the sports I will introduce you to are not much more dangerous than driving a car in the city. It’s just our fear that makes extreme sports look frightening – they’re not. But the emotions and fun you can experience when practicing extreme sports can’t be compared to anything else!

Let us choose the right sport for you:

Mountain biking. Do you like cycling? Do you love mountains? A single “yes” is enough to consider mountain biking as an option. Mountain biking includes riding a bike on slopes, long rough roads and other rough terrains, off-roading and so on. It’s a sport that trains your endurance and bravery, especially if you like to descend mountain trails.

If you think mountain biking might be for you, try riding outside the big city to feel what it’s like before you buy expensive equipment. You need a very good mountain bike, a helmet and protective clothing.

Snowboarding. If you like the snow and the winter, this is the right sport for you. Snowboarding has become very popular because it is easier than skiing and many would say that it is much more exciting. Snowboarding trains your reaction speed, coordination, the strength of your feet and general body condition.

If you want to start snowboarding, you will of course need a good board, warm clothing, preferably special snowboard equipment, goggles and helmet.

Make sure that there are mountains and snow near you. Snowboarding is not the best idea when you live in Hawaii 🙂

Diving. Are you an explorer? Would you like something exciting but not fancy high speeds or flying? Diving is a great extreme sport that is calm and contemplative at the same time. Diving means diving in waters, underwater caves, reefs, old ships and so on. Be careful: although it doesn’t sound as dangerous as other extreme sports, diving also involves many risks – decompression sickness, underwater stone injuries, marine life hazards, and so on.

Diving equipment can be more expensive than equipment for many other sports and its excellent condition is critical to reducing the risks. If you are considering becoming a diver, you must of course make sure that there is a sea near you.

Paragliding. Have you ever dreamed of flying? I know that owning an airplane or even a ride is expensive, but paragliding isn’t that much. And believe me, it can be much more exciting, because with a paraglider you feel like a bird floating in the sky. The speed of flying allows you to observe wonderful sights and feel the air around you without losing your breath (except for excitement).

The best way to start paragliding is to join a paragliding club in your area to do a few test flights. Such clubs are usually located in cities near Bergen.

The paragliding equipment is not cheap, but it can serve you for years without much maintenance. You need a paraglider, a harness, a helmet and good clothes.

Skydiving. If you like the idea of paragliding, but want something more dynamic, think of parachuting. It is usually a parachute jump from an airplane and different duration of the free fall (i.e. really high speed!). There are many types of skydiving, some of which are really extreme, such as base jumping with a wing suit.

There are no special requirements for the terrain – skydiving with an airplane can be done almost anywhere on earth. If you are more interested in the different types of base jumping, you will need to find a very high rock, tower or bridge near you.

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