In water skiing, you are pulled across a lake by a water ski lift standing on two narrow boards, while in wakeboarding you only stand on one board.

Water skiing at the lift is a sport for young and old. It is easy to learn and fun for the whole family. You can learn this sport in a very short time. The experienced instructors at the water ski lift in Hooksiel teach you the art of water skiing on a daily basis so that you can get started right away. All equipment is available at the lift. So you only have to bring your swimming trunks, a towel and a good mood.

But those who just want to relax can do this on the water terrace and admire the spectacle on the water from the best position with homemade food. And maybe one or the other of you will want to take a ride on the water while watching the spectacle!

Also in Bremerhaven, you can try out the fast ride on the water like a guest in the Wasser Ski Club.

Experience the world of surfing

Experience wind and water while surfing. Always a stiff breeze in your luggage, so your surf holiday at the North Sea will be an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the coast with its gently sloping beach offers ideal conditions for young and old.

Surfing or surfing in its original form is almost 4000 years old. Surfing on the islands of Hawaii, where it was a firm spiritual and cultural component of society, was developed to a true blossom.

The Hawaiian sport has long since become a popular pastime in this country as well. Whether in the surf or in shallow waters – surfing enthusiasts will find ideal conditions on the North Sea.

Beginners will find numerous surf schools along the North Sea of Lower Saxony, which offer surf courses of varying difficulty. For experienced surfers, there are numerous designated surfing areas.

The world of kitesurfing

This young trend water sport is now also widespread in the North Sea. With the help of a “kite” (stunt kite), you move on the kiteboard. The wind pulls you over the water. Kitesurfing is especially attractive for beginners as it is easier to learn than windsurfing. No other water sport allows the expert so many jumps and tricks. Here at the North Sea of Lower Saxony, you can see many kiters with their breathtaking jumps. If you feel like watching, you have a lot of possibilities to learn to kitesurf.

Whether Baltrum, Hooksiel or Norddeich – kitesurfing pros find good conditions in numerous places. And if the wind plays along, nothing can go wrong!

Vertigo Kiteboarding Dornumersiel

The kite spot in Dornumersiel is a real insider tip on the North Sea coast. On 80 hectares it offers a lot of space for beginners and advanced kiters. In the shallow water of the standing area, the first attempts under the professional guidance of the kite instructors can be started without any problems. The kite school Vertigo offers not only numerous courses for beginners, also advanced kitesurfers can learn new tricks and tricks here. Private courses are also possible. The necessary equipment can be rented in the kite school.

For all camping friends, the Kitecamp offers itself, in which the overnight accommodation on the camping site is equal. Camping Dornumersiel is only a stone’s throw away from the kite spot, so it is definitely worth combining a camping holiday with water sports.

And even at low tide, there is plenty of fun and variety: right on the beach there is a large landboarding area where the kites can also be tested on land. Skating and wakeboarding are also possible.

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